Luigi Troiano


Currently, I am serving as assistant professor at University of Sannio in Benevento, Italy.

My research interests are focused on Computational and Intelligent systems, to their engineering in particular. more...

My publications are both on theoretical and practical side. more...

My phd thesis regards the application of aggregation operators to software quality assessment. more... 

I am coordinator of  CISELab at University of Sannio, aimed at involving students in research activities and experimenting the application of intelligent systems in industrial environments.

I am member of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and IEEE Computer Society.

Before, I matured industrial experience as IT professional in large corporations such as Pirelli, Siemens and Total. more...

My resume is available online. more...


Faculty of Engineering

My Personal Interests

Traveling is what mostly I like. There are many destinations to reach, many horizons to expand, many people to meet, but the most involving is a journey with no end.

Arts are the way soul can express and feel with no constraint or rule to follow. Such a need can be found not only in painting, poetry, sculpture, dancing, and arts but also in maths, software and science. 

There is a common way of saying: "Tell me what you read, you watch, you listen, and I will tell who you are."

Contact Me

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The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to the previous dimension.
Albert Einstein, (1879-1955)

About me

  • degree: PhD in Comp. Sci.
  • job: Assistant Professor
  • hobbies: Traveling, Arts
  • languages: Italian, English, French
  • favorite color: Orange